The Christmas Paradox

A new take on Christmas: at the HOTEL NÖEL, guests have the unique opportunity of living together with art, instead of simply catching a brief glimpse of it as in a museum.

From November 25 to December 26, 2022, guests can spend the night at the decentral HOTEL NÖEL. For this,10 Zurich hotels will each provide a room, which 10 artists will transform into a unique overnight stay experience.

Under this year’s motto, “The Christmas Paradox”, paradoxical interventions and installations inspire guests to reflect and philosophize.

10 Rooms

Hyatt Place Zürich Airport

by Tobias Gutmann

Pop Up Hotel Krone Zurich

by Ingo Giezendanner

AMERON Zürich Bellerive au Lac

by huber.huber

Hotel Wellenberg

by Gina Fischli


10 Artists

Gina Fischli

Madame Tricot

Tobias Gutmann

Lynne Kouassi & Nora Heidorn