Ten local artists with a wide variety of styles and backgrounds have each designed a room in the HOTEL NOËL. On doing so, they are creating 10 unique little worlds. Worlds that inspire, entertain, relax, delight, give cause to reflect – sometimes all at the same time.

A.C. Kupper

A.C. Kupper is a graphic designer, photographer, musician, gallery owner, winner of the Swiss Grand Award for Design bestowed by the Federal Office of Culture, and a well-known, constantly proactive protagonist in Zurich’s cultural landscape.

Benjamin Solt

The works by Benjamin Solt examine the interplay between picture and object. The main focus is on imagery and its continuation in a spatial object. They are based on the drawing of geometric forms and their subsequent materialization. By means of specific interventions, compositional possibilities are explored, volumes dissected, subtracted, placed inside each other, assembled, and rearranged. Benjamin Solt’s oeuvre comprises wall and spatial objects, installations, and paintings.

Corso Bertozzi

Zurich artist Corso Bertozzi feels equally at home on a canvas with acrylic paint as he does with a spray can painting on a building facade. His method of working always focuses on the place, the space available, and its structures. His works are characterized by clear-cut graphic forms and design elements from urban contemporary art that are adapted to the environment. His creations range from small pictures in postcard format to wall paintings covering 300 square meters (3,300 square feet).


Mira Tschaeni and Michael Husmann Tschaeni are an internationally active Swiss artist duo. Their work encompasses the disciplines of painting, mixed media, installation, video, and performance. They create surreal worlds by mixing figurative elements with dreamlike settings using an unmistakable color spectrum. Their works bear witness to their immense imagination, from which worlds full of positive energy are created – always combined with a hint of hidden, otherworldly darkness.

Martina von Meyenburg

The (hi)stories of found objects and materials form the basis of von Meyenburg’s sculptural investigations. As a collector and curator of “traces”, the visceral and associative evidence of the previous lives of things, she is interested in how particular material combinations and modes of display can alter our relationship to the “data” presented. In her work, which comprises various media such as sculptures, installations, works on paper, and photography, the artist pushes the playfully surreal and instinctive aspects of her creations.

Matthias Gubler

Matthias Gubler worked as a video jockey for many years, including abroad. Nowadays, he works as a video and concept artist and freelance designer in Zurich. Gubler’s art is characterized by its formal precision. His easily accessible video collages allow content, form, and rhythm to fuse together. The examination of everyday situations or political themes results in extremely humorous, sometimes sarcastic, and always very aesthetic images.

Myriam Gämperli

In her illustrations and stagings, Myriam Gämperli creates images that reinterpret form and content, free from conventions or constraints. By combining the known with the unexpected in a powerful and refreshing way, she translates contemporary themes in the style of Dada into profound and invariably humorous collages.


The schoenstaub brand is attracting a lot of attention from all over the world due to its amazing designs. Behind the project is Nadja Stäubli, who with the schoenstaub label combines her passion for art and design. Meanwhile, the carpet collection has expanded to include lifestyle articles for the entire living space – always true to the motto, “every journey begins at home”. In addition to her work as a designer, Stäubli works as a photographer and DJ.

Sebastian Utzni

As an international story collector and storyteller, Sebastian Utzni works between and across various disciplines. “I believe that everything is probably interconnected,” he says. With his room at the Glockenhof Zürich, the artist unites the celestial bodies of the sun, moon, and stars, which he has compiled from various national flags to create a poetic-political space.


Philipp Dornbierer is a freelance illustrator from Zurich who goes by the alias of Yehteh – a pseudonym derived from the original spelling of Yeti. Large mythical creatures like the Himalayan mountain man and ghostly figures have always been a source of inspiration for him and influence his current work as much as his early experiments with silk-screen printing. His illustrations stand out through the use of a limited but all the more expressive color palette. His delicate and minimal approach keeps the core idea of the image in main focus. As an illustrator, Yehteh counts The New York Times and Google among his clients.