Hotel Restaurant Bar Helvetia

In keeping with her artistic technique, Myriam Gämperli is furnishing the hotel room at the Hotel Helvetia with a three-dimensional collage, in which she fuses the Western understanding of Christmas with inherent themes such as femininity, birth, new beginnings, and escape. A room for sweet dreams.

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CHRISTMAS IN ZÜRICH by Myriam Gämperli


Myriam Gämperli

In her illustrations and stagings, Myriam Gämperli creates images that reinterpret form and content, free from conventions or constraints. By combining the known with the unexpected in a powerful and refreshing way, she translates contemporary themes in the style of Dada into profound and invariably humorous collages.


There is probably hardly any other excursion restaurant in Zurich where two such different culinary concepts can be found under one roof. The offer also includes a breathtaking view of the bustling city of Zurich, Lake Zurich which seems to be within grasp, and the impressive Alpine panorama.


The café-bar with a living room ambiance is suitable for light snacks during the day and later on for after-work drinks with friends and colleagues.


The Trace Gallery
The Trace Gallery is an art gallery – and at the same time it is not. It is the antechamber and after-party of the art scene. It curates six exhibitions per year and in between offers creative courses in hand lettering, painting and drawing.