Hotel Sedartis

At the Hotel Sedartis, the artist duo, Husmann/Tschaeni, create a large, winter, walk-in tent-cave. Visitors are immersed in a world full of colors and deep, sensitive, natural beauty. A room as a homage to visual poetry.

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CHRISTMAS IN ZÜRICH by Husmann/Tschaeni



Mira Tschaeni and Michael Husmann Tschaeni are an internationally active Swiss artist duo. Their work encompasses the disciplines of painting, mixed media, installation, video, and performance. They create surreal worlds by mixing figurative elements with dreamlike settings using an unmistakable color spectrum. Their works bear witness to their immense imagination, from which worlds full of positive energy are created – always combined with a hint of hidden, otherworldly darkness.


Kafi für Dich
Located in the colorful and buzzing Kreis 4 district, the Kafi für Dich welcomes guests of all ages with delicious food, a bar, a gallery and a play corner.


Park Platz
The former parking lot next to what sued to be Letten train station covers an area of 1,400 sq m (15,000 sq ft) and offers an open platform for temporary projects of all kinds. A wide variety of people with different interests continually breathe new life into this space with their creativity and commitment.


Thermalbad Zürich
At the Thermalbad & Spa Zürich, guests relax and bathe amidst the century-old vaulted stone walls of a former brewery.